About Mario Hounkanrin

I was born in 1978 in Cotonou, Benin and raised in Paris France. I early showed some good drawing skills and did practice regularly with the support of family and friends. At one point during my science studies, I chose to combine my two passions: graphic creation and computer science and became a graphic designer.

Graduated in 2001, I quickly found a job as a web designer on the website of French magazine ELLE. At the same time, I was working with several fashion magazines such as 'TWILL or It's rouge. To progress in my practice, in 2004, I decided to quit my job and started to work as a freelancer. One year later, I started a creative agency with school friends: NOMOON. For about 10 years, during the life of the agency, we worked with several big accounts and communication agencies.

Today, I'm based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands since 2014. My goal is to focus on graphic arts and dive into my African origins.
African Arts & Cultures are often overlooked or ignored. I wish to show how rich and inspiring they are, combining them with my graphic design background.

In 2017, I co-created the Black Art Matters category on ELLO where I feature old and contemporary black artists from around the world:


"A simple image often has an incredible amount of visual ingenuity by stripping a subject down to its vital elements. Mario Hounkanrin (aka Mariosupa) does this with his illustrations and pairs a minimal color palette with shape design. Their contrasting characteristics work together to form compositions that are instantly understood by the viewer. This clarity comes from his long career as a graphic designer, where communication is integral to a work’s success. Mario’s intelligent approach proves that a lot can be said with just a few key details." – Scene360 Magazine