About Mario Hounkanrin (a.k.a. Mariosupa)


Mario Hounkanrin is an artist, illustrator, designer, capoeirista and father based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. He was born in 1978 in Cotonou, Benin and raised in Paris, France. He has had a passion for drawing since he can remember. Whilst studying science at Université Descartes (Paris), Mario decided to combine his two passions: visual expression and computer science; and became a graphic designer.

From 2001 until 2004 he worked for French ELLE Magazine. Wanting to focus more on his personal artistic development, he became a freelance designer in 2004. One year later, NOMOON came into being, a creative agency Mario set up with college friends Camille Ouanounou, Julien Reynaud and Côme de Selva. For over ten years, NOMOON created websites, illustrations, motion and graphic designs for renowned brands and communication agencies such as Chanel, Kenzo, Diesel and BETC.

In 2014, Mario Hounkanrin moved to Amsterdam. He currently entwines his graphic arts with his African roots, creating compelling illustrations that “pair a minimal color palette with shape design” (Scene360 Magazine), whilst critically addressing the position of the black body in contemporary culture. As Mario states: “African arts & Cultures are often overlooked or ignored. I wish to show how rich and inspiring they are.”

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